10 leading academic writing websites in 2022

Academic writing is one venture that has been putting food on the table for many in this 21st Century.
Those who have tasted the sweet fruits of academic writing will attest that it’s indeed rewarding.
There are numerous academic writing sites worldwide that hire writers at varying rates and offer
them different tasks to perform in a given duration.
In as much as an academic writer is up for any academic writing stuff, anyone will always be attracted
to the best site in terms of payment, terms and conditions, trustworthiness, customer service and
availability of tasks. Academic writers will be more productive where they feel the value of what they
are doing.
In this blog we’re going to be sampling 10 currently leading academic writing sites that academic
writers should look out for.
NB: The list is not organized in any particular order:-

i) Uvocorp

Uvocorp is one of the leading freelance academic writing agency which has thousands of tasks for
academic writers.
Apart from the numerous tasks, Uvocorp rates are quite attractive and that makes it a landing
destination for many academic writers. The agency has hundreds of writers working on daily basis.
It’s not easy to find a site that offers $15 per page written by an ESL writer, $26 for a page written
written by an ENL writer but Uvocorp does.That makes it one of the preferred choice by academic
With Uvocorp there is no registration fee required, one can work from home, one can manage his/her
time and workload by themselves, there’s a ready support team available, one can order tasks in the
sphere of their interests not forgetting the wages are high and payments are done on time.
However managing to join uvocorp isn’t a walk in the park as most times there are no vacancies. The
site is flooded with writers and they only hire writers based in Europe, India, Pakistan, Canada, China
and Philistines.
If you’re looking for the best site, Uvocorp is definitely one of the best option.

ii) EssayShark

EssayShark is another leading agency that deals in writing, proofreading, updating and rewriting of
any kind of academic paper. The site mainly focuses on research papers.
EssayShark offers tasks to over 200 academic writers with the capacity to come up with original
samples (void of plagiarism), can work on any research paper and able to hit deadline. Academic
writers receives about $30 for every academic article assigned. The agency pays writers two times a
month, mid-month and end month for tasks performed.
The agency has a good reputation in terms of freelance academic writing as approved writers are
always prompt to writing tasks assigned to them. If you’re looking for a good site to offer freelance
academic writing services, EssayShark is definitely one of the agencies to look out for.

iii) Skilled Essays

SkilledEssays is another highly rated academic writing site which is performing extremely well at the
moment. The agency deals with variety of academic tasks ranging from research, assignments and
other forms of tasks.
Approved writers deliver original papers (void of plagiarism), well researched work and meet
deadlines, this has built a good reputation for the agency. The site is very secure, offers guaranteed
privacy and 24/7 customer support.
The agency has a professional team of editors who proofread articles before delivering them to
There are numerous tasks for academic writers on SkilledEssays.com as thousands of clients globally
have fallen in love with the site and are have continued to attest and spread the gospel.
The agency is always looking for talented writers and academic experts to join the team. The
qualifications are; excellent communication skills, bachelors degree from an accredited institution and
proficiency in a particular area of study. The rates are very impressive and that has made it a
destination for many writers.

iv) Writerbay

Writing bay is a leading freelance academic writing website that is a favourite for many writers. The
website pay their writers handsomely.
Writers get up to $30 per article and payment is done twice a month, mid-month and end month for
all tasks performed.
Writersbay offers variety of works and topics to writers and editors and they are always hiring more
writers. Their payments are done on time and vary with the length of articles written. Client and
customer response rate is quite quick and gratifying.
It is one of the leading academic agencies in America and Asia continents. If you’re looking for a place
to offer your writing services, Writersbay is a website you should visit.

v) Mypenservices

Mypenservices.com is another booming academic writing website of the century. The agency has a
team of professional writers, editors and tutors clients can count on.
The website has created a good reputation from its quality, plagiarism free, well-researched and
quality works and made it a landing destination for thousands of clients and many writers.
Mypenservices is always recruiting new writers due to the constant flow of academic services
requests. Approved writers reap big from the website depending on the services offered, quality and
Professional writers and editors looking for a website to hire them for their services should definitely
check out mypenservices.com.

vi) Edusson.com

Edusson is a legit, reliable highly rated writing site that focuses on writing, rewriting and editing
academic works especially essays.
The agency has offers good customer services and has a bulk of tasks for writers and editors. It pays
up to $25 per article which is done on monthly basis according to tasks done. Payment is done via
Due to the high rating of the website, assignments are always flowing in thus keeping writers and
editors busy. Tasks come in variety of forms and topics.
Edusson is always looking for talented writers and academic experts to join the ever growing team
and requirements are Bachelor degree from an accredited education instituion, excellent
communication skills and proficiency in particular area of study.
Other good Academic writing websites include:

  1. Writers.ph - Good for beginners. It has a variety of orders from clients.
  2. Academia-Research - Offers alot of academic writing works from High School to PhD levels.
  3. Blue Corp - Offers variety of academic/essay writing and editing tasks to writers.
  4. Writers Labs- Mainly focuses on essay writing and book review.
    The above list will guide academic writers to know where they can utilize their talents and energy
    effectively and reap big from it. All the best!!



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