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Make a big impact on the web with our web design & digital marketing agency. Let us help you reach your target audience, build your brand, and achieve your online marketing goals.


We deliver revenue-generating digital marketing solutions.

Innovative Web Design

Our experienced team of designers specializes in creating visually stunning websites that are both functional and user-friendly. We use the latest web design trends and technologies to deliver custom solutions that meet your business’s specific needs.

Innovative Web Design

Our marketing team understands that every business is unique and requires a tailored approach to its marketing strategy. We develop customized plans that include SEO, PPC, social media, email marketing, and other strategies to help businesses increase their online presence and drive traffic to their website.

Friendly Pricing

Whether you're a startup, small business, or individual professional, we understand the value of your investment.With BlueGift Digital, you gain access to expertly tailored web solutions and impactful digital marketing, all designed to fit your budget and fuel your success.

Its affordable and easy. Growing your business online


We deliver revenue-generating digital marketing solutions.

Website Design

At Blue Gift Digital, we offer professional web development services that can help your business create a powerful online presence. Our experienced team of developers can work with you to create a custom website that meets your unique needs.

Paid advertising

Boost your brand’s visibility and reach with our targeted social media advertising campaigns. Our precision-driven strategies ensure your message reaches the right audience at the right time, maximizing your impact and engagement. 


As a provider of SEO services, we offer a range of solutions to help your website rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) and drive more traffic to your site. Our team of experts analyzes your online presence and implements proven optimization techniques.

Social Media

Our team provides detailed analytics and reports to track the performance of your social media campaigns. We believe that data-driven insights are essential to refine strategies and achieve optimal results.Our commitment to transparent analytics empowers you to make informed decisions.

Email Marketing

We understand the importance of fostering a strong online community. Our community management services involve not only monitoring your social media profiles but also actively engaging with your audience, responding to their inquiries, and cultivating meaningful interactions. 

App Development

Unlock innovation and connect with your audience through our cutting-edge App Development services. From conceptualization to design and deployment, our skilled team crafts mobile applications that align with your vision and user needs. Elevate your app’s visibility further with our promotional expertise.

Our Success In Numbers

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4.5+ Google Reviews

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500+ concluded Projects

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200+ Smiling Clients

Get Started Quickly with 3 Easy Steps

Project Initiation

This is where you start the project by clearly defining its goals and objectives. You identify key stakeholders, determine the project's scope, assemble a capable team, allocate resources, and assess potential risks. Project initiation sets the foundation for the entire project.

100% Guaranteed

Project Planning

Once you've initiated the project, you move on to planning. This phase involves breaking the project down into manageable tasks, creating a schedule, allocating resources, managing risks, establishing communication processes, and defining quality standards. A well-thought-out plan is crucial for guiding the project to success.

Project Execution

This is the phase where the actual work happens. Tasks are assigned, team members start working, and communication flows. It's essential to monitor progress, maintain open communication, ensure quality control, and address any unexpected challenges or risks that may arise during the project's execution.

Project Closure

When the project is near completion, you enter the closure phase. Here, you review the project's deliverables to ensure they meet the required quality standards. You obtain formal approval from stakeholders, finalize project documentation, release resources, and conduct a project review to capture lessons learned for future projects. Closure marks the official end of the project.

Our Client's Testimonials

── "Very professional. Pleasant to engage with and loved the outcome of my website. Would highly recommend to friends.."

    Richardo Lim
    Richardo Lim


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    Starting From kSH. 15,000

    For Simple Websites

    Embark on your online journey with our enticing website services starting at just $150. We believe in turning your web-related aspirations into reality without breaking the bank. Our budget-friendly package offers you the perfect opportunity to establish your online presence with a simple yet effective website. Just like a well-structured bid and budget system can yield remarkable results, our affordable website services lay the foundation for your digital success. 

    Custom Plan
    Ksh. 25,000
    KSH. 30,000
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    Yes! We provide a content management system (CMS) that allows you to update and manage the content of your website easily. With the CMS, you can make text edits, add new pages, upload images, and more without any technical knowledge.


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